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Crazy Clocks are exclusive home decor accessories, wall decoration, objects to collect, lifestyle and expression of personality.
A Crazy Clock is a wall clock, made on metal, combined with a convertible textile fashion coat (Flip-Over).

get your crazy clock and other
designer home accessories here:
JM Design Shop

Designer home decor accessories for your crazy lifestyle
from "The Crazies": The craziest clocks of the world! Crazy Clocks are fashion for your walls!
These clocks are extraordinary freaky: you can easily exchange the convertible textile fashion coat (Flip-Over) of the Crazy Clock and you`ll have - depending to your
current mood – a completely new look for your crazy wall clock. See more crazy wall clocks, accessories, gift ideas and home decoration items at the JM Design Shop.
Crazy Clocks are distributed by J-Metallics,
Manufacturing & Distribution of home decor & interior design decoration products, designer items and lamps.
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