- Crazy Clocks for Crazy People - the craziest wall clocks ever - a special Horror Flip-Over inspired by Hellraiser Movies, signed by Doug Bradley (Pinhead)

Cenobite´s Passion - Hellraiser
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Cenobites Passion: a special Flip-Over for the Crazy Clock inspired by the Hellraiser Movies.

This Flip-Over is originally signed by Doug Bradley himself (Pinhead from Hellraiser series). We  met the master of pain at the weekend of horrors.
This special work is not for sale, but if you want a similar one, you can contact us via e-mail:

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Crazy Clocks are exclusive home decor accessories, wall decoration, objects to collect, lifestyle and expression of personality.
A Crazy Clock is a wall clock, made on metal, combined with a convertible textile fashion coat (Flip-Over).

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